A.   Contents: Every certificate of license shall bear upon its face the following:
      1.   The name of the person to whom such certificate has been issued.
      2.   The amount paid for such license.
      3.   The kind of license and the class of such license, if such licenses are divided into classes.
      4.   The term of such license, including the commencing date and expiration date.
      5.   The place, or places, where such business is to be conducted.
      6.   The signature of the business license official or City Recorder.
   B.   Posting Of Certificate Required: Every certificate of license issued shall be posted by the licensee in a conspicuous place in which such licensed business is to be carried on so that the same may be easily seen. No expired certificate shall be displayed at any place or in any manner after the expiration thereof, and any willful violation of this prohibition shall be grounds for refusing to issue a new license for the same business.
   C.   Request To Inspect Certificate: It shall be the duty of each and every person to whom a certificate of license has been issued pursuant to this chapter to show the same at all reasonable times to any person authorized by the Planning Commission or the provisions of this chapter to inspect such certificates.
   D.   Misuse Prohibited: It is unlawful to counterfeit a business license or to deface or mutilate the same during the period in which the license certificate is required by this section to be displayed. It is also unlawful to remove or attempt to remove the certificate from a place of proper display, except for purposes of destroying the same upon expiration thereof, or to use, or permit the same to be used, at any place other than that designated therein, or to use, or permit the same to be used, in conjunction with any business or device prohibited or declared to be unlawful by the laws of the City, the County or the State. (Ord. 240-17, 10-3-2017)