A.   Compliance With Other Local, State And Federal Regulations: In addition to complying with the provisions of this business licensing chapter, all businesses operating within the City shall comply with all other local, State and Federal environmental laws, and any and all other laws and/or regulations which may govern the conduct of the business.
   B.   Business License Required: It shall be unlawful for any person to engage in, carry on or operate any business in the City referred to in this chapter, or use any property for any such business, without first making application for and obtaining a license from the City for such business, and paying in advance the license fee required therefor as provided in this chapter, except as indicated below:
      1.   Businesses which are operated only occasionally and by individuals under eighteen (18) years of age.
      2.   Home occupied businesses which do not require a conditional use permit.
   C.   Conditional Use Permit Required: See sections 9-9A-4 and 9-9B-4 of this Code.
   D.   Classification: The business license official may refer any business license application to the Planning Commission where a question of classification exists. (Ord. 240-17, 10-3-2017)