A.   Enforcement Generally:
      1.   It shall be the duty of the zoning administrator, as designated by the mayor, to enforce these regulations and to bring to the attention of the city attorney any violations or lack of compliance herewith.
      2.   No owner, or agent of the owner, of any parcel of land located in a proposed subdivision shall transfer, sell or offer to sell any such parcel before a plat of such subdivision has been approved by the planning commission and the city council, in accordance with the provisions of these regulations, and filed with the county recorder.
      3.   The subdivision of any lot or any parcel of land, by the use of metes and bounds description for the purpose of sale, transfer or lease, with the intent of evading these regulations, shall not be permitted. All such described subdivisions shall be subject to all of the requirements contained in these regulations.
      4.   No building permit shall be issued for the construction of any building or structure located on a lot or parcel of property which has not been laid out and platted in accordance with this title, unless and until all applicable requirements of this title have been met.
   B.   Inspection:
      1.   Appropriate departments of the city shall inspect or cause to be inspected all buildings, streets, concrete work, fire hydrants and water supply, storm drainage and sewage disposal systems in the course of construction, installation or repair.
      2.   Excavation for underground improvements shall not be covered or backfilled until such installation has been approved by the city. If any such installation is covered before being inspected and approved, it shall be uncovered after notice to uncover has been issued to the responsible person by the inspector or city engineer. All other required utilities placed underground or overhead shall meet all city public works standards as required by franchise agreements. Funds held in bond or escrow accounts will not be released for any work that has not been inspected by the appropriate city department. (Ord. 154-01, 12-4-2001)