10-1-12: VALIDITY:
   A.   Any plat of a subdivision filed or recorded without the approvals as required by this title is void.
   B.   The building official shall not issue any permits unless the plans for the proposed subdivision fully conform to all provisions of this title. No city officer shall issue any permit or license for the use of any building, structure or land when such land is a part of a "subdivision", as defined in section 10-2-2 of this title, until such subdivision has been approved and recorded in the county recorder's office and all other provisions of the law and all fees have been complied with. Any sale and/or transfer of any land in a subdivision not platted in accordance with the provisions of this title is null and void. Any license or permit issued in conflict with this title shall be null and void. (Ord. 154-01, 12-4-2001)