A.   Any plat or any part of any plat may be vacated in compliance with and according to the terms of Utah Code Annotated section 10-9a-609, as amended. (Ord. 154-01, 12-4-2001; amd. 2013 Code)
   B.   Such an instrument shall be approved by the planning commission and city council in like manner as plats of subdivisions.
   C.   Such an instrument shall be executed, acknowledged or approved, and recorded or filed, in like manner as plats of subdivisions; and being duly recorded or filed shall operate to destroy the force and effect of the recording of the plat so vacated and to divest all public rights in the streets, alleys and public grounds, and all dedications laid out or described in such plat.
   D.   When lots have been sold, the plat may be vacated in the manner herein provided by all the owners of lots in such plat joining in the execution of such in writing. (Ord. 154-01, 12-4-2001)