A.   Construction Permit Required: It shall be unlawful for any person to install any water line and connect it to the system without first having received a construction permit from the superintendent or his/her designee.
   B.   Application For Permit: Persons wishing to install any water line must apply in writing for a construction permit. The application must be made in writing by a licensed plumber, his/her authorized agent, or by the owner of the premises for whose benefit the work will be performed. The application shall include:
      1.   A description of the place where the work will be done and the general nature of the work;
      2.   Drawings of the installation and all proposed connections. The drawing shall be drawn to a scale approved by the superintendent and shall show the line and grade and shall clearly designate all installations, connections and alterations;
      3.   An estimate of the cost of the proposed installation;
      4.   A statement regarding whether the applicant believes that he will be entitled to recover any of the costs of the installation in the future and the source of that recovery, such as requiring persons connecting to the water line or main in the future to pay a portion of the cost of installing the main; and
      5.   An offer to pay the whole cost of the installation.
   C.   City Cost Verified By Superintendent: Upon receiving the application, the city shall forward the application to the superintendent, who shall verify the estimated cost of the installation and provide the city with an estimate of all costs the city will incur as a result of the proposed extension.
   D.   Placement On City Council Agenda: After the superintendent has verified the costs of the installation, the city shall place the application on the agenda for the city council's next meeting.
   E.   Applicant To Attend Meeting: The applicant shall attend the meeting in order to answer questions about the proposed installation and to present any information the applicant believes is necessary or helpful to the city council.
   F.   Grant Of Application: The city council shall grant the application if it determines that:
      1.   The installation will cause no damage to the street in which the water line or main is to be located, or that the applicant has provided adequate protection to the city to repair the damage the installation will cause;
      2.   The installation will not interfere with the provision of water service to existing customers;
      3.   The proposed installation conforms to the ordinances, regulations, specifications and standards of materials required by the city;
      4.   The applicant or the person performing the work on behalf of the applicant has the experience and qualifications necessary to assure the city that the installation will not endanger the system; and
      5.   The applicant has sufficient financial resources to complete the installation.
   G.   Claim Of Right To Future Recoveries: If the applicant has claimed a right to future recoveries, the city council shall also determine whether the petitioner will be entitled to recover any of the costs of the installation in the future, the amounts the petitioner may recover, the source of the recovery and any other matters the city council determines to be relevant to the issue of recovery. The city council shall make a written record of its decisions on these issues, and the applicant shall receive a copy.
   H.   Inspections: The person performing the installation shall follow all applicable health and safety codes in performing the installation and shall allow inspections of the work before the work is covered. If the person performing the installation covers any work before it is inspected, the applicant shall uncover the work at his/her own expense and permit inspection.
   I.   Excavation Permit: No work shall be done on the installation until the permit has been issued. If the work will involve cutting or excavation in any street right of way, the applicant shall also obtain an excavation permit before commencing any work.
   J.   Location Of Lines And Mains: Water lines and mains shall be permitted only in the public rights of way unless the city council permits the water line or main in another location for good cause. The city council shall adopt a resolution describing the cause justifying its decision to permit the water line or main in another location and describing the location of the new water line or main.
   K.   Ownership Of Extensions: Any water lines or mains installed under the provisions of this section shall become the property of the city upon their connection to the system. (Ord. 168-03, 11-11-2003)