A.   Required: Each separate structure on a lot shall have a separate water connection. It shall be illegal for any person to use a single water connection for more than one structure; provided, that for purposes of this chapter, a detached garage or permitted accessory building shall not be considered a separate structure.
   B.   Violations: Whenever more than one structure is supplied from a single water connection, the department may shut off water service until a separate water connection is provided for the separate structure. In all such cases, the property owner shall be liable for all water charges incurred through the single connection.
   C.   Exception: An exception to subsection A of this section shall be provided for separate structures which are receiving water service through a single connection at the time this chapter was adopted, under the following conditions:
      1.   The property owner shall pay the minimum monthly rate for each separate structure supplied through the single water connection.
      2.   No additional structures may be supplied with water through the connection after the effective date hereof.
      3.   If the property owner changes the use of the property or any of the structures supplied by the single connection, he shall provide separate connections for each structure.
      4.   If the property owner abandons the use of one or more of the structures supplied by the single connection for a period longer than one year, the use may not be recommenced until the property owner has provided a separate connection. (Ord. 168-03, 11-11-2003)