8-1-6: FEES:
   A.   Set By Resolution: The city council shall set all fees established by this chapter by resolution.
   B.   Types Of Fees Imposed: The fees shall be:
      1.   Application fees for connections;
      2.   Application fees for service;
      3.   Connection fees;
      4.   Fees for usage of water;
      5.   A penalty fee for delinquent payment of usage fees;
      6.   Inspection fees; and
      7.   Other fees incidental to connection to the system and services provided by the department.
   C.   Usage Fees: Usage fees shall be set based upon the amount of water used on a monthly basis as measured by the water meter; provided, that all customers shall pay at least the fee for the lowest water rate of consumption each month.
   D.   Uniform Fees: Fees shall be uniform with respect to each class or classes of service established by the city.
   E.   Board Of Equalization For Rates And Rebates: The city council is hereby constituted as the board of equalization of water rates and may hear complaints regarding the operation of the system and make corrections to any assessment the board considers to be illegal, unequal, unfair or unjust. The board may, in appropriate circumstances, rebate all or any part of the fees charged for water service to any indigent person. (Ord. 168-03, 11-11-2003; amd. Res. 2023-0620 WTR, 6-20-2023)