Except as otherwise provided herein, no person shall be eligible to serve more than two (2) consecutive full terms upon any advisory commission of the city and the Twin Falls housing authority, Twin Falls library board and Twin Falls urban renewal agency. A partial term served before the first full term shall not disqualify a person from serving two (2) consecutive full terms. There shall be no limit on the number of consecutive terms served by members of the advisory committee to the Twin Falls building inspection department.
The members of all advisory commissions established under this title shall be residents of the city unless this residency requirement is specifically waived by the council.
No person shall be appointed to an advisory commission where a related person serves on the same advisory commission. For purposes of this section, "relative" shall mean any person related by either blood or marriage within the second degree. "Second degree" shall be defined as grandparents, parents, children, brothers or sisters. (Ord. 2972, 6-15-2009)