Temporary fireworks stands from which safe and sane fireworks are to be sold shall be subject to the following provisions:
   (A)   All retail sales of safe and sane fireworks shall be permitted only from within a temporary fireworks stand, and the sale from any other building or structure is hereby prohibited.
   (B)   The stand in which the fireworks will be stored or sold shall not be located within twenty five feet (25') of any other building or within one hundred feet (100') of any gasoline station or flammable liquid dispensing device or installation.
   (C)   All such stands shall meet the requirements of the building code 1 of the city and all lighting circuits and other electrical equipment shall meet the requirements of the electrical code of the city 2 .
   (D)   The stand shall have exit doors at least thirty inches (30") wide at both ends of the structures and one additional door for each twenty five feet (25') of rear wall in excess of twenty five feet (25'). All doors shall open outward from the stand and all doorways shall be kept free and clear from all supplies and materials at all times.
   (E)   Each stand shall be provided with a minimum of two (2) fire extinguishers with a 2A minimum rating, in good working order and easily accessible for use in case of fire, which shall be kept in immediate proximity to the location where the fireworks are retailed.
   (F)   There shall be at least one supervisor, twenty one (21) years of age or older, on duty at all times. All fireworks shall be effectively kept away from any kind of self-service by the public, and shall be placed in a location which is unavailable and inaccessible to members of the public in capacities other than as legal customers.
   (G)   No person employed as a watchman shall be permitted to remain inside of any stand when it is not open for business.
   (H)   "No Smoking" signs shall be prominently displayed both inside and outside the stand. No smoking shall be permitted within the stand or within twenty five feet (25') of the stand.
   (I)   No temporary stand shall be erected before June 10 of any year. The premises on which the stand is erected shall be cleared of all structures and debris not later than twelve o'clock (12:00) noon on July 27.
   (J)   No fireworks shall be discharged in or within twenty five feet (25') of any fireworks stand.
   (K)   No person shall allow any rubbish to accumulate in or around any fireworks stand or permit a fire nuisance to exist.
   (L)   Fireworks shall not be left in the stand when it is not open for business unless the stand is locked or secured. If fireworks are not stored in the stand they shall be stored in compliance with section 39-2608, Idaho Code.
   (M)   No stand shall have a floor area in excess of seven hundred fifty (750) square feet. (Ord. 3042, 12-17-2012)



1. See title 4, chapter 1 of this code.
2. See title 4, chapter 2 of this code.