Each applicant for a safe and sane fireworks permit or a dangerous fireworks permit shall file his application with the Twin Falls fire department. Each application shall show the following:
   (A)   Name and address of applicant.
   (B)   The purpose for which the applicant is primarily existing and for which it was organized.
   (C)   The names and addresses of the officers, trustees and/or directors, if any, of the applicant.
   (D)   The location where the applicant requests permission to sell safe and sane fireworks or display dangerous fireworks.
   (E)   When and where the applicant was organized and established, or, if a natural person, the applicant's age.
   (F)   The location of the applicant's principal and permanent meeting place or places.
   (G)   If applicant is storing safe and sane or dangerous fireworks, applicant must apply to the planning and zoning administrator, and the planning and zoning administrator must forward written approval and the special use permit (if required) to the fire department, and building department, indicating that the permit request is in compliance with all zoning requirements for an H-1 occupancy pursuant to title 10 of this code. The written approval and special use permit (if required) must be submitted to the fire department, and building department prior to approval of the fireworks permit.
   (H)   Two (2) complete plot plans, indicating where the building is located in relationship to property lines and any other buildings, and two (2) complete floor plans of the building, indicating all proposed uses, must be submitted to the Twin Falls fire department. The drawings shall be to scale.
   (I)   The maximum amount of safe and sane fireworks to be stored shall be indicated on the application. Such amount shall be specified in pounds.
   (J)   The applicant's state sales tax permit number.
   (K)   If the applicant is an entity other than sole proprietorship, the name and general description of the business activities of each parent or subsidiary company, business or entity, and a general description of the ownership organization of each parent or subsidiary, if any.
   (L)   Such other information as the Twin Falls fire department may require on a standard form submitted to all applicants and which is reasonably necessary to protect the public health, safety and welfare. (Ord. 3042, 12-17-2012)