(A)   Right to Sell: Any personal property which is unclaimed and which remains in the custody of the City for more than thirty (30) days may be sold by the City at public auction as provided herein.
   (B)   Notice of  Sale: Before holding such public sale, the City shall publish notice of such sale in a daily paper for five (5) days and post a notice of such sale in three  (3) public places in the City for a like period. Said notice shall contain a list of the property to be sold and briefly describe each article or piece of personal property to be sold and give the time and place of hold such sale, which time must be at least seven(7) days after the date of the last daily publication of the said notice in the newspaper.
   (C)   Sale: The City may ask for written bids, or sell the property at auction to the highest bidder, and shall have the right to reject any and all bids and sell all the property at any one sale to one individual; and it may do that which it deems to be most advantageous and of the greatest financial benefit to the City in selling the said personal property. (1958 Code, Ch. VI, Art. 18)