(A)   In addition to the required buffer and screen landscaping and parking lot landscaping, the building site shall include landscaping designed to visually integrate the structure(s) with the site.
      (1)   The site landscaping shall include one plant unit for every 100 lineal feet of perimeter of the building foot print, and located within 50 feet of, and adjacent to, the perimeter of the building. In situations where the use or building design makes planting within 50 feet impractical, such as mini storage warehousing, it may be permitted to place some or all of their on-site building landscaping beyond the 50- foot limit, subject to the approval of the town staff.
      (2)   If phasing is proposed, or if only a portion of the parcel is being developed, the undeveloped area shall be maintained in existing native plants. If the area has been disturbed or the existing vegetation consists primarily of weeds, the area must be successfully re-vegetated with a substantial mix of native grasses and ground covers. The density of the re-established vegetation must be adequate to prevent soil erosion and invasion of weeds after one growing season.
   (B)   For manufactured home parks or multi- family developments, one plant unit per single residential unit or lot is required.
(Ord. 2012-04, passed 12-5-2012)