(A)   Airports. Airport navigation lighting systems and other airport lighting required by the Federal Aviation Administration and/or the state are exempt from the provisions of this zoning code. All other lighting at airports, including that used for loading areas, hangars, terminal aprons, parking areas and the like shall conform to all applicable standards of this zoning code.
   (B)   Holiday decorations. Low-wattage holiday decorations are exempt from the provisions of this zoning code from November 11 through February 8 and for a period of two weeks before and after any national holiday. Such lighting and all associated wiring used outdoors must be certified for outdoor use by Underwriters Laboratories.
   (C)   Street lamps. Street lamps installed in the public right-of-way and with the approval of the Town  Council are exempt from lumens per net acre standards of § 17.5(C), but must adhere to all other standards including, but not limited to, the lamp type and shielding standards of § 17.5(B).
(Ord. 2012-04, passed 12-5-2012)