(A)   Trailers, park models or manufactured homes shall be permitted for temporary office use only during construction of a permanent building for a period not to exceed 12 months with an approved temporary use permit. Modular homes built to Building Code commercial standards shall be permitted.
   (B)   In all Commercial Zones, required front and street side yards shall be landscaped to a depth of not less than six feet. Remaining front and street side yard areas or setbacks may be used for required off-street parking.
   (C)   Where a commercial or office use abuts property in any G, AR, RR, RS or RM Zone, a masonry wall six feet in height as measured from the highest adjacent grade shall be erected and maintained between such uses and the Residential Zone. Alternatives to masonry, including double-sided solid wood fencing, stuccoed wood frame walls, native stone or rock veneered walls or an adequate vegetative buffer, may be approved by the Town Manager, his or her designee or the Planning and Zoning Commission.
   (D)   Wherever off-street parking areas are situated across the street from property in a G, AR, RR, RS or RM Zone, a masonry wall or berm three feet in height shall be erected between the required landscaped area and the parking area to adequately screen said parking areas from the residential properties.
   (E)   All required landscaping shall be permanently maintained in a neat and orderly condition. In addition to front and street side yard landscaping requirements, additional landscaping requirements are contained in § 15.3, Site Development Standards for Off-Street Parking.
   (F)   All mechanical equipment, including heating and air conditioning units, shall be completely screened from surrounding properties by use of a wall or fence or shall be enclosed within a building. Facilities for the operation of solar or alternate energy systems may be exempted from this requirement, subject to the approval of the Town Manager or designee.
   (G)   Trash receptacles enclosed with solid masonry walls and with gates shall be provided for each commercial use. Said receptacles shall be set back a minimum of 20 feet from any G, AR, RR, RS or RM Zone boundary and shall be maintained in a neat and sanitary condition in order to safeguard the health, safety and general welfare of adjacent properties, subject to the approval of Town Manager or designee.
   (H)   Noise shall not be knowingly generated by any use to the point of disturbing the peace, quiet and comfort of neighboring residences or the operation of businesses.
   (I)   Methods of screening for outdoor storage may include acceptable wooden fencing, masonry walls, rock walls, landscaped berms or vegetative screening. All facilities for outdoor storage shall be subject to the review and approval of the Planning and Zoning Commission.
   (J)   All outdoor area lighting and aerial mounted floodlighting shall be shielded from above in such a manner that the bottom edge of the shield shall be below the light source.
   (K)   All lighting sources shall be aimed or shielded so that the direct illumination shall be confined to the property boundaries of the light source.
   (L)   The operation of searchlights or similar lighting sources for advertising display or any other commercial purpose is prohibited.
   (M)   Ground-mounted floodlighting or light projection above the horizontal plane is prohibited between midnight and sunrise.
   (N)   A building permit, as required by the Building Code, shall be obtained prior to the construction, reconstruction, alteration of change in use of any building or other structure.
   (O)   The outdoor storage of any items, including, but not limited to, items for sale, unlicensed and/or inoperable vehicles, travel trailers, boats, recreational vehicles or secondhand materials is prohibited, unless a conditional use permit is approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission for said outdoor storage.
   (P)   Outdoor music in an outdoor dining area shall be maintained so as not to disturb the peace, quiet and comfort of neighboring businesses or residents. All outdoor live or recorded music shall cease at 10:00 p.m.
(Ord. 2012-04, passed 12-5-2012)