§ 11.0  PURPOSES.
   (A)   General. In addition to the objectives outlined in § 1 (Purpose and Scope), the Commercial Zones are included in the zoning regulations to achieve the following purposes:
      (1)   To provide appropriately located areas for office uses, retail stores, service establishments and wholesale business, offering commodities and services required by residents of the town and its surrounding market area;
      (2)   To encourage office and commercial uses to congregate for the convenience of the public and for a mutually beneficial relationship to each other;
      (3)   To provide adequate space to meet the needs of modern commercial development, including off-street parking and loading areas;
      (4)   To minimize traffic congestion and to avoid the overloading of utilities;
      (5)   To protect residential and other commercial properties from noise, odor, smoke, unsightliness and other objectionable influences incidental to commercial uses; and
      (6)   To promote high standards of site planning architecture and landscape design for office and commercial developments within the town.
   (B)   CN-2/A, Commercial Neighborhood Zone. This zone is intended for neighborhood shopping centers which provide limited retail business, service and office facilities for the convenience of residents of the neighborhood. These shopping centers are intended to be compatible with a residential environment at locations consistent with the Tusayan Area Plan.
   (C)   CG-10,000, Commercial General Zone. This zone is intended for the location of general retail and wholesale commercial activities.
   (D)   CH-10,000, Commercial Heavy Zone. This zone is intended to provide appropriately located areas for establishments catering primarily to highway travelers, visitors to the town or such businesses or uses where direct access to major arterial highways is essential or desirable for their operation.
(Ord. 2012-04, passed 12-5-2012)