Rental Housing Code
   15-5-1   Purpose and Scope.
   15-5-2   Definitions.
   15-5-3   Inspection and Licensing of Rental Units.
   15-5-4   Enforcement, Service of Notices and Orders, Hearings.
   15-5-5   Minimum Standards for Basic Equipment and Facilities.
   15-5-6   Minimum Standards for Light, Heating and Ventilating.
   15-5-7   General Requirements Relating to the Safe and Sanitary Maintenance of Parts of Dwellings and Dwelling Units.
   15-5-8   Occupancy Limitations.
   15-5-9   Minimum Hot Water Requirements, Electrical Service and Minimum Number of Electrical Outlets and Fixtures per Room, and Screening Requirements.
   15-5-10   Minimum Property Maintenance Standards.
   15-5-11   Responsibilities of Owners and Occupants.
   15-5-12   Designation of Unfit Dwellings and Legal Procedure of Condemnation.
   15-5-13   Penalties.
   15-5-14   Pre-existing Conditions, Time to Comply, New Work.
   15-5-15   Codes Adopted.