This Chapter shall not apply to:
   (a)   A religious organization, association, or society or any nonprofit institution or organization operating, supervised, or controlled by or in conjunction with a religious organization, association, or society, which limits the sale, rental, or occupancy, of dwellings which it owns or operates for other than commercial purpose to persons of the same religion, or which gives preference to such persons, unless membership in such religion is restricted on account of race, color, familial status, religion, ancestry, national origin, handicap, marital status, sexual preference, sex, age, or place of birth.
   (b)   A private club not in fact open to the public, which as an incident to its primary purpose or purposes, provides lodgings which it owns or operates for other than a commercial purpose, and which limits the rental or occupancy of such lodgings to its members or gives preference to its members.
   (c)   Any single-family house sold or rented by an owner; provided, that such private individual owner does not own more than three such single-family houses at any one time; provided further, that in the case of the sale of any such single-family house by a private individual not residing in such house at the time of such sale or who was not the most recent resident of such house prior to such sale the exemption granted by this Subsection shall apply only with respect to one such sale within any twenty-four (24) month period; provided further, that such bona fide private individual owner does not own any interest in, nor is there owned or served on his behalf, under any express or voluntary agreement, title to or any right to all or a portion of the proceeds from the sale or rental of more than three (3) such single-family houses at any one time; provided further, the sale, or rental of any such single-family house shall be excepted from the application of this Chapter only if such house is sold or rented:
      (1)   Without the use of any manner of the sales or rental facilities or the sales or rental services of any real estate broker, agent, or salesman or of such facilities or services of any person in the business of selling or renting dwellings, or of any employee or agent of any such broker, agent, salesman, or person; and
      (2)   Without the publication, posting or mailing, after notice, of any advertisement or written notice in violation of the provisions of 42 United States Code Section 3604; and
      (3)   Without the violation of Section 15-3-3 of this Chapter; but nothing in this provision shall prohibit the use of attorneys, escrow agents, abstractors, title companies, and other such professional assistance as necessary to perfect or transfer the title.
   (d)   Rooms or units in dwellings containing living quarters occupied or intended to be occupied by no more than four (4) families living independently of each other, if the owner actually maintains and occupies one of such living quarters as his residence.