(a)    When parklands are dedicated to the Village, the subdivider is required to:
      (1)    Properly grade and contour for proper drainage;
      (2)   Provide surface contour suitable for anticipated use of area as approved by the Village Engineer; and
      (3)   Cover areas to be seeded with a minimum of four (4) inches of quality topsoil, seed as specified by the Village Engineer, fertilized with 16-6-6 at a rate of seven (7) pounds per one thousand (1,000) square feet, and mulched, as specified in the standard "Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction Section 627 and 629". The topsoil furnished for the park site shall consist of the natural loam, sandy loam, silt loam, silty clay loam or clay loam humus-bearing soils adapted to the sustenance of plant life, and such topsoil shall be neither excessively acid nor excessively alkaline. Fine grading and seeding must occur within one (1) year following issuance of the first building permit within that land division unless otherwise authorized by the Village. The improved area shall not be deemed officially accepted until a uniform grass cover to a two (2) inch height has been established. It shall be the responsibility of the subdivider to maintain the area until the Village accepts the dedication.
   (b)    It shall be the responsibility o the Village to maintain the dedicated areas upon their dedication and acceptance by the Village. The owner of said land shall be responsible for its maintenance and liability thereon except that said owner shall not develop the surrounding area in a manner which would unduly depreciate the purpose, use or value of the dedicated property.
   (c)   A neighborhood park area shall be provided by the subdivider with a standard residential water service unless located directly adjacent to a fire hydrant. A community park area shall be provided by the developer with a minimum six (6) inch water service or at least one (1) fire hydrant, and at least one (1) four (4) inch sanitary sewer lateral, all located at the street property line.
   (d)    The Village Board may require certification of compliance by Village officials. The cost of such report shall be paid by the subdivider.
   (e)    If the subdivider fails to satisfy the requirements of this Section, the Village Board may contract said completion and bill such costs to the subdivider, following a public hearing and written notice to the subdivider of noncompliance. Failure to pay such costs may result in the immediate withholding of all building permits until such costs are paid.
   (f)   The subdivider shall pay all costs of public improvements in the public streets adjacent to or within all public and/or park lands.