SEC. 14-1-76 GRADING.
The subdivider shall grade each land division in order to establish street, block and lot grades in proper relation to each other and to topography as follows:
   (a)    Master Site-Grading Plan.
      (1)    A master site-grading plan shall be prepared by the subdivider for all new subdivisions. This plan shall be prepared in accordance with the requirements and standards of the Village.
      (2)    The master site-grading plan shall show existing and proposed elevations of all lot corners, control points and building locations. The plan shall also indicate all overland storm drainage in and adjacent to the subdivision. The cost of the preparation of such a plan shall be paid for by the subdivider.
      (3)   After approval or modification of these plans by the Village Engineer, the full width of the right-of-way of the proposed streets within the subdivision and the entire subdivision lot area shall be graded in accordance with the master site-grade plan.  The owners of the subdivision lots shall adhere to those plans.
      (4)   Upon completion of all street and subdivision grading, the grades shall be checked and certified by the Village Engineer to determine that the completed grading work is in accordance with the master site-grading plan.
      (5)   The cost of all required grading work, supervision, certification, inspection and engineering fees shall be paid for by the subdivider.
   (b)   Right-of-Way Grading. The subdivider shall grade the full width of the right-of- way of all proposed streets in accordance with the approved plans, including the grading of site triangles at each intersection.
   (c)   Block Grading. Block grading shall be completed by one (1) or more of the following methods:
      (1)   Regrading along the side or rear lot lines which provides for drainage to the public drainage facilities.
      (2)   Parts of all lots may be graded to provide for drainage to a ditch or to a swale, provided any ditches or swales are in public drainage easements.
      (3)   Draining across rear or side lot lines may be permitted provided that the course of drainage is within a public drainage easement and is toward public drainage facilities.
   (d)   Miscellaneous Grading Requirements.
      (1)   Lot grading shall be completed so that water drains away from each building site toward public drainage facilities at a minimum grade of two percent (2%) and provisions shall be made to prevent drainage onto properties adjacent to the land division unless to a public drainage facility.
      (2)   Grading activities shall not result in slopes greater than three to one (3:1) on public lands or lands subject to public access.
      (3)   The topsoil stripped for grading shall not be removed from the site unless identified in the Erosion Control Plan approved by the Village Engineer as not being necessary for erosion control or site landscaping purposes. Topsoil shall be uniformly returned to the lots when rough grading is finished. Topsoil piles shall be leveled and seeded for erosion control prior to the Village releasing the one (1) year guarantee provision on public improvements in the streets adjacent to the lots on which the topsoil is stockpiled.
      (4)   Such grading shall not result in detriment to any existing developed lands, either within or outside of the corporate limits.