(a)   Lot Dimension. Lot dimension shall conform to the requirements of the Zoning Code, but in no case shall have a frontage of less than eighty (80) feet at the front yard building line, or a depth of less than one hundred (100) feet. The requirements of the zoning regulations insofar as they may specify greater areas or distance shall be complied with.
   (b)   Commercial or Industrial Lots. Depth and width of properties reserved or laid out for commercial or industrial purposes shall be adequate to provide for the off-street service and parking facilities required by the type of use and development contemplated, as required by the Village Zoning Code.
   (c)   Minimum Lot Frontage. All lots shall have a minimum of forty-five (45) feet of platted frontage on a public street to allow access by emergency and service motor vehicles unless part of a Planned Unit Development approved by the Village Board. Alley frontage (public or private) shall not constitute meeting this minimum frontage requirement.
   (d)   Lots Where Abutting Arterial Highway. Residential lots adjacent to major and minor arterial streets and highways and/or railroads shall be platted with an extra fifteen (15) feet of lot and an extra fifteen (15) feet of minimum yard setback and shall otherwise be designed to alleviate the adverse effects on residential adjacent lots platted to the major street, highway, railroad or other such features.
   (e)   Corner Lots. Corner lots for residential use shall have extra width to permit full building setback from both streets, or as required by applicable zoning regulations.
   (f)   Access to Public Street. Every lot shall front or abut on a public street. Every lot shall front or abut on a public street for a distance of at least fifty (50) feet and shall be not less than eighty (80) feet in width at the front building line, including cul-de-sac lots, or as required by the Village Zoning Code, the more restrictive of which shall apply.
   (g)   Side Lots.  Side lot lines shall be substantially at right angles to or radial to abutting street lines. Lot lines shall follow Village boundary lines.
   (h)   Double and Reversed Frontage Lots. Double frontage and reversed frontage lots shall be avoided except where necessary to provide separation of residential development from traffic arteries or to overcome specific disadvantages of topography and orientation.
   (i)    Natural Features.  In the dividing of any land, regard shall be shown for all natural features, such as tree growth, water courses, historic spots or similar conditions which, if preserved, will add attractiveness and stability to the proposed development.
   (j)   Land Remnants. All remnants of lots below minimum size left over after dividing of a larger tract must be added to adjacent lots, or a plan shown as to future use rather than allowed to remain as unusable parcels.
   (k)    Large Lots.  In case a tract is divided and results in parcels of more than twice the minimum lot size provided for by the Village Zoning Code for the zoning district in which the land is located, such parcels shall be so arranged to permit redividing into parcels in accordance with this Chapter and with the Zoning Code.
   (l)    Trunk Highway Proximity. All lots adjacent to state trunk and federal highways shall be platted with additional depth necessary to provide for a building setback line not less than fifty (50) feet from the nearer right-of-way line or one hundred ten (110) feet from the centerline, whichever is more restrictive (Ref. Wis. Adm. Code HY 33). The subdivider may appeal this requirement to the Village Engineer. Upon written request of the Village Engineer; the Wisconsin Department of Transportation is hereby authorized to then determine building setback requirements equal to or less than those required above in all land divisions (including certified surveys) adjacent to state and federal highways in accordance with the authority granted in the Administrative Code. The required building setback line and additional lot depth shall be platted so as to accommodate such required building setbacks.
   (m)   Easement Allowance. Lots containing pedestrian or drainage easements shall be platted to include additional width in allowance for the easement.
   (n)    Drainage Way and Watercourses. Lots abutting upon water course, drainage way, channel or stream shall have such additional depth or width as required by the Village Engineer to obtain building sites that are not subject to flooding from a post development one hundred (100) year storm.