(a)   Length; Arrangement. The lengths, widths and shapes of blocks shall be appropriate for the topography and the type of development contemplated, but block length (measured in the long dimension from street centerline to street centerline) shall not be less than five hundred (500) feet nor exceed one thousand two hundred (1,200) feet nor have less than sufficient width to provide for two (2) tiers of lots of appropriate depth between street lines. Blocks shall be so designated as to provide two (2) tiers of lots, unless it adjoins a railroad, major thoroughfare, river or park where it may have a single tier of lots. Cul-de-sacs may be used where the interblock spacing of adjacent streets exceeds the appropriate depth of two (2) tiers of lots.
   (b)   Pedestrian Pathways. Pedestrian pathway easements not less than ten (10) feet wide, may be required by the Village Board, upon the recommendation of the Plan Commission, through the center of a block more than nine hundred (900) feet long, where deemed essential to provide circulation or access to schools, playgrounds, shopping centers, transportation and other community facilities.
   (c)   Street Tree Planting Strip Easements. Tree planting strip easements shall be provided for on both sides of all streets when the street terrace is insufficient. The minimum easement width shall be ten (10) feet and shall be adjacent to the front property line. Street trees shall be maintained by the adjacent property owner in accordance with Village ordinances.