3-1-1   Preparation of Tax Roll and Tax Collections
   3-1-2   Duplicate Treasurer's Bond Eliminated
   3-1-3   Village Budget
   3-1-4   Changes in Budget
   3-1-5   Village Funds to Be Spent in Accordance with Appropriation
   3-1-6   Fiscal Year
   3-1-7   Public Depositories
   3-1-8   Claims Against Village
   3-1-9   Temporary Investment of Funds Not Immediately Needed
   3-1-10   Receiving Money; Receipt for Same
   3-1-11   Statement of Real Property Status
   3-1-12   Bidding Procedures
   3-1-13   Accounts Receivable Billing Procedures
   3-1-14   Annual Audits
   3-1-15   Liability of Village for Acts of Agents