When any public improvements of adequate capacity are not available at the boundary of a proposed land division, the Village, or its duly authorized representative, shall require, as a prerequisite to approval of a Final Plat or certified survey map, assurances that such improvement extensions shall be provided as follows in accordance with the following standards:
   (a)   Design Capacity. All improvements within or entering or leaving the proposed development shall be installed to satisfy the service requirements for the entire service or drainage area in which the development is located and the improvements shall be of sufficient capacity to handle the expected development of the overall service area involved.
   (b)   Extra-sized and Off-size Improvements. Where improvements of adequate size needed to serve the development are not available at the boundary of the development, the subdivider shall proceed under one (1) of the alternatives as identified in Section 14-1-50(a).
   (c)   Lift Stations. Where sanitary or storm sewer lift stations and force mains are required to lift sewage to the gravity system, the subdivider shall have plans, profiles, specifications and estimated operation and maintenance costs prepared for the installation of such facilities to the Village Engineer's requirements. Equipment similar to existing Village equipment shall be utilized whenever possible. The installation, inspection, supervision and engineering fees for lift stations and/or force mains shall be paid for by the subdivider unless otherwise determined and agreed upon by the Village Board. Gravity sanitary sewer service shall be employed whenever determined by the Village Engineer to be feasibly accessible.