(a)   Utility Easements. The Village Board, on the recommendation of appropriate departments, utilities and agencies serving the Village, shall require utility easements for poles, wire, conduits, storm and sanitary sewers, gas, water and head mains or other utility lines. It is the intent of this Chapter to protect all established easements so as to assure proper grade, assure maintenance of the established grade, prohibit construction of permanent fences or retaining walls over underground installation and prevent the planting of trees in the easement area.
   (b)   Drainage Easements. Drainage easements shall comply with the requirements of Section 14-1-74(e).
   (c)   Easement Locations.
      (1)   Utility easements shall be at least twelve (12) feet wide, or wider where recommended by the Village Engineer, and may run across lots or alongside of rear lot lines. Such easements should preferably be located along rear lot lines. Evidence shall be furnished the Plan Commission that easements and any easement provisions to be incorporated in the plat or in deeds have been reviewed by the individual utility companies or the organization responsible for furnishing the services involved.
      (2)   All easements dedicated on final plat or certified survey maps for survey maps for poles, cables or conduits for electricity, telephone or other private utility lines shall be noted thereon as "Utility Easement". All easements for storm and sanitary sewers, water and force mains, pedestrian walks and other public purposes shall be noted thereon as "Public Easement for" followed by reference to the use or uses for which they are intended.
   (d)   Deed Restrictions for Easements. Deed restrictions shall accompany each final plat or certified survey map, and shall be filed in the Register of Deeds office. In addition to whatever else may be contained therein, such restrictions shall describe the location and width of utility and public easements which are being established; a description by reference to the final plat or certified survey map shall suffice. Such restrictions shall further recite that the utility companies and the public agencies using such easements are granted the right to place, and shall state that the elevation of such easements as graded by the subdivider may not be altered thereafter by him, or any subsequent landowner by more than six (6) inches.