(a)   (1) In so far as possible, all utilities, including but not limited to natural gas, telephone, cable television, electric, and water shall be installed underground with an affidavit by the subdivider that the maintenance of said public improvements will be guaranteed by the subdivider due to use of the improvements by purchasers and construction traffic.
      (2)   Prior to any maintenance, repair or replacement being performed by the developer during the bond period, it shall notify the Village Engineer at least one (1) work day prior to the doing of the work and obtain approval of the Village Engineer as to the nature and manner of work to be done.
   (b)   The subdivider shall cause gas, electric power, cable television and telephone facilities to be installed in such a manner as to make adequate service available to each lot in the subdivision, certified survey or land division.  All new electrical distribution television cables and telephone lines from which lots are individually served shall be underground unless the Village Board, upon the recommendation of pertinent Village utilities or Plan Commission, specifically allows overhead poles for the following reasons:
      (1)   Topography, soil, water table, solid rock, boulders, or other physical conditions would make underground installation unreasonable or impractical; or
      (2)   The lots to be served by said facilities can be served directly from existing overhead facilities.
Plans  indicating the proposed location of all gas, electrical power, cable television and telephone distribution and transmission lines required to service the plat shall be approved by the Village Engineer.