(a)   There shall be provided a sanitary sewerage system to all lots, approved by the Village Engineer. The subdivider shall install adequate sanitary sewer facilities and connect them to Village sewer mains subject to specifications and inspection by the Village Engineer.  All sanitary sewers shall be in accordance with NR 110, Wis. Adm. Code. The subdivider shall pay all the costs of all sanitary sewer work including the bringing of the sanitary sewer of adequate capacity and depth from where it exists to the land division in question as well as providing all sanitary sewer work within the land division.
   (b)   Sanitary sewers, including all related items (manholes, wyes, tees, stubs for future extensions, etc.), shall be installed meeting the specifications and requirements of the Village. Where sewers larger than eight (8) inches in diameter are required, the land divider shall be responsible for the cost of an eight (8) inch sewer.  The difference in cost between the eight (8) inch sewer and that installed shall be borne by the Village.
   (c)   The subdivider shall construct sanitary sewers in such a manner as to make adequate sanitary sewerage service available to each lot within the subdivision. Where public sanitary sewers of adequate capacity are determined by the Village Engineer to be available, extensions of the public sanitary sewer system shall be made so as to provide sewer service to each lot. Gravity sanitary sewers shall be extended to the land division and to each buildable lot in accordance with Village Comprehensive Sanitary Sewer Plans as determined by the Village Engineer. Sewerage service lines of the sizes and materials required by the Plumbing Inspector shall be installed from the sanitary sewers to the property line of every lot in the subdivision.  This installation will be coordinated with the installation of sanitary sewers. The size, type and installation of all sanitary sewers proposed to be constructed shall be in accordance with plans and standard specifications approved by the Village Engineer. All sanitary sewer facilities shall be flood proofed.
   (d)   The ends of the services for each lot shall be accurately measured and recorded with the Village Engineer and marked in the field with appropriate staking.