(a)   After the installation of all utility and storm water drainage improvements, the subdivider shall be required to construct concrete curbs and gutters or, if approved by the Village, a system of ditches and culverts. The subdivider shall install concrete curb and gutter along both sides of all streets and boulevards shown on the plat.  The cost of the curb and gutter required inspection, supervision and engineering fees shall be paid for by the subdivider. Wherever possible, provision shall be made at the time of construction for driveway access curb cuts. The cost of installation of all inside curbs and gutters for dual roadway pavements shall be borne by the Village.
   (b)    Suitable concrete curb and gutter shall be constructed along the outside edge of all street pavements. Curb and gutter in residential areas shall have a six (6) inch barrier curb with a twenty-four (24) inch flag, except at driveway aprons where depressed curb shall be constructed.  Depressed curb ramps shall be constructed at all handicap ramps for sidewalks and at all bikeways. Said curbs and gutters shall be constructed of concrete, 3500 PSI strength at fourteen (14) days, and contain two (2) continuous one-half (½) inch diameter reinforcing rods in the gutter flag at locations crossing underground utility excavations or where otherwise directed by the Village Engineer.  Expansion joints three quarter (3/4) inch thick shall be placed in the curb at each starting and ending of a radius and at intervals not exceeding two hundred fifty (250) feet and where otherwise directed by the Village Engineer. Tie bars shall be provided where curb and gutter is adjacent to rigid pavements.
   (c)   Contraction joints shall be tooled, saw cut, or formed by insertion of a metal plate in the concrete at intervals not exceeding ten (10) feet and on each side of any structures located in the concrete (i.e. inlets).