The subdivider shall construct streets, roads and alleys as outlined on the approved plans based on the requirements of this Chapter, particularly Sections 14-1-70 and 14-1-71:
   (a)   General Considerations. The streets shall be designed and located in relation to existing and planned streets, to topographical conditions and natural terrain features such as streams and existing tree growth, to public convenience and safety, and in their appropriate relation to the proposed uses of the land to be served by such streets.
   (b)   Construction Standards. Construction of all streets shall conform to the current standards as established by the Village in this Chapter and elsewhere and shall be subject to approval of the Village Engineer before acceptance.
   (c)   Conform to Official Map. The arrangement, width, grade and location of all streets shall conform to the Official Map.
   (d)    Survey Monumentation. Before final approval of any plat or certified survey within the corporate limits of the Village, the subdivider shall install monuments placed in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 236, Wis. Stats., or as may be required by the Village Engineer. All survey monumentation located adjacent to street or public rights-of-way, but not located within street payment, shall be protected with steel fence posts erected near the survey monumentation. The Village Engineer may waive the placing of monuments for a reasonable time during public improvement construction on condition that the subdivider executes a survey to insure the placing of such monuments within the time required. On behalf of the Village, the Village Administrator is authorized to accept such surety bonds and contracts for monumentation in an amount approved by the Village Engineer. Building permits shall not be issued until all survey monumentation for the block(s) of lots in which the lot(s) for which building permits are being applied for within the phase of the land division under development has been installed. When the land division includes and establishes one-half (½), one-quarter (1/4), one-quarter one-quarter (1/4-1/4), or such other section monument, the established monument shall be preserved and/or fully restored by the subdivider at his cost.
   (e)   Street Construction.  After the installation of all required utility and storm water drainage improvements, the subdivider shall prepare for surfacing all roadways in streets proposed to be dedicated, to the widths prescribed by these regulations, by placing crushed rock on said roadways and, in addition, shall surface said street, in a manner and quality consistent with this Chapter and plans and specifications approved by the Village Engineer. Construction shall be to Village standard specifications for street improvements.
   (f)   Street Cross Sections. When permanent street cross sections have been approved by the Village, the subdivider shall finish grade all shoulders and road ditches, install all necessary culverts at intersections and, if required, surface ditch inverts to prevent erosion and sedimentation in accordance with plans and standard specifications approved by the Village Engineer.