(a)   Engineering Reports, Construction Plans and Specifications. As required by Section 14-1-31, engineering reports, plans and proposed specifications shall be submitted simultaneously with the filing of the Preliminary Plat. At the Final Plat stage, construction plans for the required improvements conforming in all respects with the standards of the Village Engineer and the ordinances of the Village shall be prepared at the subdivider's expense by a professional engineer who is registered in the State of Wisconsin, and said plans shall contain his seal. Such plans, together with the quantities of construction items, shall be submitted to the Village Engineer for his approval and for his estimate of the total cost of the required improvements; upon approval they shall become a part of the contract required.  Simultaneously with the filing of the Final Plat with the Village Administrator or as soon thereafter as practicable, copies of the construction plans and specifications shall be furnished for the following public improvements:
      (1)    Street Plans and Profiles showing existing and proposed grades, elevations and cross sections of required improvements.
      (2)   Sanitary Sewer plans and profiles showing the locations, grades, sizes, elevations and materials of required facilities.
      (3)   Storm Sewer and Open Channel plans and profiles showing the locations, grades, sizes, cross sections, elevations and materials of required facilities.
      (4)    Water Main plans and profiles showing the locations, sizes, elevations and materials of required facilities.
      (5)   Erosion and Sedimentation Control plans showing those structures required to retard the rate of runoff water and those grading and excavating practices that will prevent erosion and sedimentation. Such plans shall comply with the Village's Erosion Control Chapter (Building Code), if applicable.
      (6)   Planting Plans showing the locations, age, caliper, species and time of planting of any required grasses, vines, shrubs and trees.
      (7)   Additional special plans or information as required by Village officials.
   (b)   Action by the Village Engineer. The Village Engineer shall review or cause to be reviewed the plans and specifications for conformance with the requirements of this Chapter and other pertinent Village ordinances and design standards recommended by the Village Engineer and approved by the Village Board. If the Village Engineer rejects the plans and specifications, he shall notify the owner,
who shall modify the plans or specifications or both accordingly.  When the plans and specifications are corrected, the Village Engineer shall approve the plans and specifications for transmittal to the Village Board. The Village Board shall approve the plans and specifications before the improvements are installed and construction commenced.
   (c)   Construction and Inspection.
      (1)   Prior to starting any of the work covered by the plans approved above, written authorization to start the work shall be obtained from the Village Engineer upon receipt of all necessary permits and in accordance with the construction methods of this Chapter. Building permits shall not be issued until all improvements required by this Chapter are satisfactorily completed.
      (2)   During the course of construction, the Village Engineer shall make such inspections as he or the Village Board deems necessary to insure compliance with the plans and specifications as approved.  The owner shall pay the actual cost incurred by the Village for such inspections.  This fee shall be the actual cost to the Village of inspectors, engineers and other parties necessary to insure satisfactory work.
   (d)   Subdivider to Reimburse the Village for Costs Sustained. The subdivider of land divisions within the Village shall reimburse the Village for its actual cost of design, inspection, testing, construction and associated legal and real estate fees for the required public improvements for the land division.  The Village's costs shall be determined as follows:
      (1)   The cost of Village employees' time engaged in any way with the required public improvements based on the hourly rate paid to the employee multiplied by a factor determined by the Village Administrator to represent the Village's  cost  for  expenses,  benefits,  insurance,  sick  leave,  holidays, vacation and similar benefits.
      (2)   The cost of Village equipment employed.
      (3)   The cost of mileage reimbursed to Village employees which is attributed to the land division.
      (4)   The actual costs of Village materials incorporated into the work, including transportation costs plus a restocking and/or handling fee not to exceed ten percent (10%) of the cost of the materials.
      (5)   All consultant fees associated with the public improvements at the invoiced amount plus administrative costs.  Unless the amount totals less than Fifty Dollars ($50.00), the Village shall bill the subdivider monthly for expenses incurred by the Village.  Statements outstanding for more than thirty (30) days shall accrue interest at the rate of one and one-half percent (1-1/2%) per month.  Bills outstanding for more than ninety (90) days shall be forwarded to the subdivider's surety agency for payment. Amounts less than Fifty Dollars ($50.00) shall be held for billing by the Village until amounts total more than Fifty Dollars ($50.00) or until the conclusion of project activities.
   (e)   Record Plans. After completion of all public improvements and prior to final acceptance of said improvements, the subdivider shall make or cause to be made two (2) copies of record plans showing the actual "as-built" location of all valves, manholes, stubs, sewers and water mains and such other facilities as the Village Engineer shall require. These plans shall be prepared on the original mylars of the construction plans and shall bear the signature and seal of a professional engineer registered in Wisconsin. The presentation of the record plans shall be a condition of final acceptance of the improvements and release of the surety bond assuring their completion.