(a)   Certified Survey Requirements. When it is proposed to divide land into not more than four (4) parcels or building sites, any one of which is less than four (4) acres in size, or when it is proposed to divide a block, lot or outlot into not more than four (4) parcels or building sites within a recorded subdivision plat without  changing the exterior boundaries of the block, lot or outlot, the subdivider shall subdivide by use of a certified survey map, prepared in accordance with Section 236.34, Wis. Stats., and this Chapter.
   (b)   Submission and Review. The subdivider is encouraged to first consult with the Plan Commission regarding the requirements for certified surveys before submission of the final map. Following consultation, two (2) copies of the final map in the form of a certified survey map shall be submitted to the Village. The certified  survey shall be reviewed, approved or disapproved by the Plan Commission and Village Board pursuant to the procedures used for Preliminary Plats in Sections 14-1-30 through 14-1-32, including notice and hearing requirements.
   (c)   Additional Information. The Certified Survey Map shall show correctly on its face, in addition to the information required by Section 236.34, Wis. Stats., the following:
      (1)    All Existing Buildings, watercourses, drainage ditches and other features pertinent to proper division.
      (2)   Setbacks or Building Lines required by the Village Board and the Village Zoning Code.
      (3)   All Lands Reserved for future acquisition.
      (4)    Date of the Map.
      (5)   Graphic Scale.
      (6)    Name and Address of the owner, subdivider and surveyor.
      (7)   Square Footage of each parcel.
      (8)   Present Zoning for the parcels.
   (d)   State Plane Coordinate System. Where the map is located within a quarter section, the corners of which have been relocated, monumented and coordinated by the Village, the map shall be tied directly to one of the section or quarter corners so relocated, monumented and coordinated. The exact grid bearing and distance of such tie shall be determined by field measurements, and the material and Wisconsin state plane coordinate of the monument marking the relocated section or quarter corner to which the map is tied shall be indicated on the map. All distances and bearings shall be referenced to the Wisconsin Coordinate System, South Zone, and adjusted to the Village's control survey.
   (e)   Certificates. The surveyor shall certify on the face of the certified survey map that he has fully complied with all the provisions of this Chapter. The Village Board, after a recommendation by the reviewing agencies, shall certify its approval on the face of the map.
   (f)    Street Dedication. Dedication of streets and other public areas shall require, in addition, the owner's certificate and the mortgagee's certificate in substantially the same form as required by Section 236.21(2)(a) of the Wisconsin Statutes.
   (g)   Recordation. The subdivider shall record the map with the County Register of Deeds within thirty (30) days of its approval by the Village Board and any other approving agencies.  Failure to do so shall necessitate a new review and reapproval of the map by the Village Board.
   (h)   Requirements. To the extent reasonably practicable, the certified survey shall comply with the provisions of this Chapter relating to general requirements, design standards and required improvements. Conveyance by metes and bounds shall be prohibited where the lot(s) involved is less than one and one-half (1-1/2) acres or three hundred (300) feet in width.