(a)   General. A Preliminary Plat shall be required for all subdivisions and shall be based upon a survey by a registered land surveyor and the plat prepared on mylar or paper of good quality at a scale of not more than one hundred (100) feet to the inch and shall show correctly on its face the following information:
      (1)   Title under which the proposed subdivision is to be recorded, which name shall not duplicate or be alike in pronunciation of the name of any plat heretofore recorded in the Village unless considered an addition to the subdivision.
      (2)   Legal Description/Location of the proposed subdivision by government lot, quarter section, township, range, county and state.
      (3)    Date, Scale and North Point.
      (4)   Names, Telephone Numbers, and Addresses of the owner, and any agent having control of the land, engineer, subdivider, land surveyor preparing the plat.
      (5)   Entire Area contiguous to the proposed plat owned or controlled by the subdivider may be required by the Plan Commission to be included on the Preliminary Plat even though only a portion of said area is proposed for immediate development. Where a subdivider owns or controls adjacent lands in addition to those proposed for development at that time, he shall submit a concept plan for the development of the adjacent lands showing streets, utilities, zoning districts, and other information as may affect the review of the Preliminary Plat in question. The Village Engineer may waive these requirements where adjacent development patterns have already been established.
   (b)    Plat Data. All Preliminary Plats shall show the following:
      (1)    Exact Length and Bearing of the exterior boundaries of the proposed subdivision referenced to a corner established in the U.S. Public Land Survey and the total acreage encompassed thereby.
      (2)   Locations of all Existing Property Boundary Lines, structures, drives, streams and water courses, marshes, rock outcrops, wooded areas, railroad tracks and other significant features within the tract being subdivided or immediately adjacent thereto.
      (3)   Location, Right-of-Way Width and Names of all existing streets, alleys or other public ways, easements, railroad and utility rights-of-way and all section and quarter section lines within the exterior boundaries of the plat or immediately adjacent thereto.
      (4)   Location and Names of any Adjacent Subdivisions, parks and cemeteries and owners of record of abutting unplanted lands.
      (5)   Type, Width and Elevation of any existing street pavements within the exterior boundaries of the plat or immediately adjacent thereto, together with any legally established centerline elevations.
      (6)    Location. Size and Invert Elevation of any existing sanitary or storm sewers, culverts and drain pipes, the location of manholes, catchbasins, hydrants, electric and communication facilities, whether overhead or underground and the location and size of any existing water and gas mains within the exterior boundaries of the plat or immediately adjacent thereto. If no sewers or water mains are located on or immediately adjacent to the tract, the nearest such sewers or water mains which might be extended to serve the tract shall be indicated by the direction and distance from the tract, size and invert elevations.
      (7)   Corporate Limit Lines within the exterior boundaries of the plat or immediately adjacent thereto.
      (8)   Existing Zoning on and adjacent to the proposed subdivision.
      (9)   Contours within the exterior boundaries of the plat and extending to the centerline of adjacent public streets to National Map Accuracy Standards based upon Mean Sea Level Datum at vertical intervals of not more than two (2) feet. At least two (2) permanent bench marks shall be located in the immediate vicinity of the plat; the location of the bench marks shall be indicated on the plat, together with their elevations referenced to Mean Sea Level Datum and the monumentation of the bench marks clearly and completely described.  Where, in the judgment of the Village Engineer, undue hardship would result because of the remoteness of the parcel from a mean sea level reference elevation, another datum may be used.
      (10)   High-Water Elevation of all ponds, streams, lakes, flowages and wetlands within the exterior boundaries of the plat or located within one hundred (100) feet therefrom.
      (11)   Water Elevation of all ponds, streams, lakes, flowages and wetlands within the exterior boundaries of the plat or located within one hundred (100) feet therefrom at the date of the survey.
      (12)   Floodland and Shoreland Boundaries and the contour line lying a vertical distance of two (2) feet above the elevation of the one hundred (100) year recurrence interval flood or, where such data is not available, two (2) feet above the elevation of the maximum flood of record within the exterior boundaries of the plat or within one hundred (100) feet therefrom.
      (13)   Location and Results of Percolation Tests within the exterior boundaries of the plat conducted in accordance with Sec. H 85.06 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code where the subdivision will not be served by public sanitary sewer service.
      (14)   Location, Width and Names of all proposed streets and public rights-of-way such as alleys and easements.
      (15)   Approximate Dimensions of All Lots together with proposed lot and block numbers. The area in square feet of each lot shall be provided.
      (16)   Location and Approximate Dimensions of any sites to be reserved or dedicated for parks, playgrounds, drainageways or other public use or which are to be used for group housing, shopping centers, church sites or other nonpublic uses not requiring lotting.
      (17)   Approximate Radii of all Curves.
      (18)   Any Proposed Lake and Stream Access with a small drawing clearly indicating the location of the proposed subdivision in relation to access.
      (19)   Any Proposed Lake and Stream improvement or relocation, and notice of application for approval by the Division of Environmental Protection, Department of Natural Resources, when applicable.
      (20)   Soil Tests and Reports as may be required by the Village Engineer for the design of roadways, storm drainage facilities, on-site sewage disposal systems, erosion control facilities, and/or other subdivision improvements and features.
      (21)    Design Features.
         a.    Locations and widths of proposed alleys, pedestrian ways and utility easements.
         b.    Layout numbers and preliminary acreages and dimensions of lots and blocks.
         c.   Minimum front, rear, side, and street yard building setback lines.
         d.    Location and size of proposed sanitary sewer lines and water mains.
         e.    Gradients of proposed streets, sewer lines (and water mains, if required).
         f.    Areas, other than streets, alleys, pedestrian ways and utility easements, intended to be dedicated or reserved for public use, including the size of such area or areas in acres.
         g.   Location and description of survey monuments.
         h.    An identification system for the consecutive numbering of all blocks and lots within the subdivision.
         i.    Sites, if any, to be reserved for parks or other public uses.
         j.   Sites, if any, for multi-family dwellings, shopping centers, churches, industry or other non-public uses exclusive of single-family dwellings.
         k.    Provisions for surface water management including both minor and major  system components, detention/retention facilities, including existing and post development one hundred (100) year flood elevations, etc.
         l.   Potential resubdivision and use of excessively deep [over two hundred (200) feet] or oversized lots must be indicated in a satisfactory manner.
         m.   Any wetlands, floodplains, or environmentally sensitive areas provided for by any local, state or federal law.
      (22)    Where the Plan Commission or Village Engineer finds that it requires additional information relative to a particular problem presented by a proposed development in order to review the Preliminary Plat, it shall have the authority to request in writing such information from the subdivider.
   (c)   Additional Information. The Plan Commission and/or Village officials may require a proposed subdivision layout of all or part of the contiguously owned land even though division is not planned at the time.