(a)    Filing Requirements.
      (1)   The subdivider shall prepare a Final Plat and a letter of application in accordance with this Chapter and shall file twenty (20) copies of the Plat and the application with the Village Administrator at least twenty-one (21) days prior to the meeting of the Plan Commission at which action is desired. The owner or subdivider shall file twenty (20) copies of the Final Plat not later than six (6) months after the date of approval of the Preliminary Plat; otherwise, the Preliminary Plat and Final Plat will be considered void unless an extension is requested in writing by the subdivider and for good cause granted by the Village. The owner or subdivider shall also submit at this time a current certified abstract of title or registered property report and such other evidence as the Village Attorney may require showing title or control in the applicant. A written transmittal letter shall identify all substantial changes that have been made to the plat since the Preliminary Plat. When the subdivider expects the Village to act as the transmitting authority in accordance with Sec. 236.12, Wis. Stats., the application shall state that transmittal responsibilities lie with the Village and shall contain a list of the other authorities to which the plat must be subjected and shall be accompanied by such additional fees and copies of the plat as are necessary to be transmitted to such authorities.
      (2)   If the Village is acting as the transmitting authority, the Village Administrator shall, within two (2) days after filing, transmit copies to the County Planning Agency, copies to the Director of the Planning Function in the Wisconsin Department of Development, additional copies to the Director of the Planning Function for retransmission of copies to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation if the subdivision abuts or adjoins a state trunk highway or a connecting street and the Wisconsin Department of Industry, Labor and Human Relations if the subdivision is not served by a public sewer and provision for service has not been made, to all affected Village boards, commissions and committees and the original Final Plat and adequate copies to the Plan Commission. The County Planning Agency, the Wisconsin Department of Development, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, and the Wisconsin Department of Industry, Labor and Human Relations shall be hereinafter referred to as objecting agencies.
      (3)   The Final Plat shall conform to the Preliminary Plat as approved and to the requirements of all applicable ordinances and state laws and shall be submitted for certification of those agencies having the authority to object to the plat as provided by Sec. 236.12(2).
      (4)   The Village Administrator shall refer two (2) copies of the Final Plat to the Plan Commission, and one (1) copy to the Village Engineer. The recommendations of the Plan Commission and Village Engineer shall be made within thirty (30) days of the filing of the Final Plat.  The Village Engineer shall examine the plat or map and final plans and specifications of public improvements for technical details and, if he finds them satisfactory, shall so certify in writing to the Plan Commission. If the plat or map or the plans and specifications are not satisfactory, the Village Engineer shall return them to the owner and so advise the Plan Commission.
   (b)   Plan Commission Review.
      (1)   The Plan Commission shall examine the Final Plat as to its conformance with the approved Preliminary Plat, any conditions of approval of the Preliminary Plat, this Chapter and all applicable ordinances, rules, regulations, comprehensive plans and comprehensive plan components which may affect it and shall recommend approval, conditional approval or rejection of the Plat to the Plan Commission.
      (2)   The objecting state and county agencies shall, within fifteen (15) days of the date of receiving their copies of the Final Plat, notify the subdivider and all other approving and objecting agencies of any objections, except that the Wisconsin Department of Development has thirty (30) days in which to make objections. If there are no objections, they shall so certify on the face of the copy of the Plat and shall return that copy to the Village. If an objecting agency fails to act within fifteen (15) days, it shall be deemed to have no objection to the Plat.
      (3)   If the Final Plat is not submitted within six (6) months of the last-required approval of the Preliminary Plat, the Plan Commission may refuse to approve the Final Plat.
      (4)   The Plan Commission shall, within thirty (30) days of the date of filing of the Final Plat with the Village Administrator, recommend approval, conditional approval or rejection of the Plat and shall transmit the Final Plat and application along with its recommendations to the Village Board. The Plan Commission may hold the matter in abeyance if there is incomplete or inadequate information. (c) Board Review and Approval.
      (1)   The Village Board shall, within sixty (60) days of the date of filing the original Final Plat with the Village Administrator, approve or reject such Plat unless the time is extended by agreement with the subdivider. If the Plat is rejected, the reasons shall be stated in the minutes of the meeting and a written statement of the reasons forwarded to the subdivider. The Village Board may not inscribe its approval on the Final Plat unless the Village Administrator certifies on the face of the Plat that the copies were forwarded to objecting agencies as required herein, the date thereof and that no objections have been filed within twenty (20) days or, if filed, have been met.
      (2)   The Village Board shall, when it determines to approve a Final Plat, give at least ten (10) days' prior written notice of its intention to the Municipal Clerk of any municipality within one thousand (1,000) feet of the Final Plat.
      (3)   Failure of the Village Board to act within sixty (60) days, the time having not been extended and no unsatisfied objections having been filed, the plat shall be deemed approved.
   (d)   Recordation. After the Final Plat has been approved by the Village Board and required improvements either installed or a contract and sureties insuring their installation is filed, the Village Administrator shall cause the certificate inscribed upon the Plat attesting to such approval to be duly executed and the Plat returned to the subdivider for recording with the county register of deeds. The register of deeds cannot record the Plat unless it is offered within six (6) months from the date of last approval.  Recording fees shall be paid by the subdivider.
   (e)   Final Copies. The subdivider shall file ten (10) copies of the Final Plat as approved with the Village Administrator for distribution to the approving agencies, affected utilities and other affected agencies for their files. One (1) Mylar copy shall also be filed with the Village Engineer.
   (f)   Partial Platting. The Final Plat may, if permitted by the Plan Commission, constitute only that portion of the approved Preliminary Plat which the subdivider proposes to record at the time.