(a)    Commission Action.
      (1)    The Plan Commission shall, within forty (40) days of the date the Preliminary Plat was filed with the Village Administrator approve, approve conditionally or reject such plat and shall state, in writing, any conditions of approval or reasons for rejection, unless the time is extended by agreement with the subdivider.  Failure of the Plan Commission to act within forty (40) days or extension thereof shall constitute an approval of the preliminary Plat, unless other authorized agencies object to the plat. The Village Administrator shall communicate to the subdivider the action of the Plan Commission.  If the preliminary plat is approved, the Village Administrator shall endorse it for the Plan Commission.
      (2)    Upon approval of the Preliminary Plat, the Village Administrator shall refer copies of the Preliminary Plat as approved to the Village Administrator. An abstract of Title or Registered Property Report may be referred to the Village Attorney for his examination and report.
   (b)   Effect of Preliminary Plat Approval. Approval or conditional approval of a Preliminary Plat shall entitle the Final Plat to approval provided the Final Plat conforms substantially to the Preliminary Plat, including any conditions of that approval, conforms to applicable local plans and ordinances, and is submitted within six (6) months of the last required approval of the Preliminary Plat. If the Preliminary Plat is approved, the Final Plat must be approved by the Village Board within six (6) months or the Preliminary Plat approval is void. Previous Preliminary Plat approvals shall not constitute grounds for approval upon resubmission.
   (c)   Preliminary Plat Amendment. Should the subdivider desire to amend the Preliminary Plat as approved, he may resubmit the amended plat which shall follow the same procedure outlined herein, unless the amendment is, in the opinion of the Plan Commission, of such scope as to constitute a new plat, in which such case it shall be refiled.