(a)   Submission. Before submitting a Final Plat for approval, the subdivider shall prepare a Preliminary Plat and a letter of application.  The subdivider shall submit twenty (20) copies of the Preliminary Plat. The Preliminary Plat shall be prepared in accordance with the standards of this Chapter, particularly Section 14-1-40, and the subdivider shall file copies of the Plat and the application as required by this Section with the Village Administrator at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting of the Plan Commission at which action is desired. The Village Administrator shall submit copies of the Preliminary Plat to the Plan Commission, and to the Village Engineer for review and written report of his recommendations and reactions to the proposed plat.
   (b)   Public Improvements; Plans and Specifications. Simultaneously with the filing of the Preliminary Plat of map, the owner shall file with the Village Administrator twenty (20) complete sets of preliminary plans and specifications for the construction of any public improvements required by this Chapter, specifically addressing sewer and water service feasibility, drainage facilities, traffic patterns, typical street cross-sections, erosion control plans, pavement design and other improvements necessary in the subdivision.
   (c)   Property Owners Association; Restrictive Covenants. A draft of the legal instruments and rules for proposed property owners associations, when the subdivider proposes that common property within a subdivision would be either owned or maintained by such an organization of property owners or a subunit of the Village pursuant to Sec. 236.293, Wis. Stats., and proposed deed restrictions or restrictive covenants, shall be submitted at the time of filing the Preliminary Plat with the Village Administrator.
   (d)   Environmental Assessment.
      (1)   Filing Requirement. An Environmental Assessment Checklist shall be completed by the subdivider for review by the Plan Commission with the Preliminary Plat, or preferably as part of the pre-application conference, for any subdivision or land division by certified survey which the Village has authority to approve.
      (2)   Purpose. The purpose of this Environmental Assessment Checklist is to provide the basis for an orderly, systematic review of the effects of all new subdivisions upon the community environment in accordance with the principles and procedures of Wisconsin Statutes set for local subdivision regulation. The Plan Commission will use these procedures in determining land suitability. The goals of the community in requiring this checklist are to eliminate or reduce pollution and siltation to an acceptable standard, assume ample living space per capita, preserve open space and parks for recreation, provide adequately for stormwater control, maintain scenic beauty and aesthetic surroundings, administer to the economic and cultural needs of the citizens and provide for the effective and efficient flow of goods and services.
      (3)   Coverage.  The Environmental Assessment Checklist shall apply to all reviewable subdivisions, and land divisions by certified survey. The Plan Commission may waive the requirement for the filing of an Environmental Assessment Checklist for land divisions by certified survey of less than five (5) acres total area.
      (4)   Preliminary Checklist for Environmental Assessment of Plats, Land Divisions and Community Development Plans. An Environmental Assessment Checklist form as required under this Subsection is available from the Village Administrator.
   (e)   Affidavit. The surveyor preparing the Preliminary Plat shall certify on the face of the plat that it is a correct representation of all existing land divisions and features and that he has fully complied with the provisions of this Chapter.
   (f)    Supplementary Data to be Filed with Preliminary Plat. The following shall also be filed with the Preliminary Plat:
      (1)   Use Statement. A statement of the proposed use of lots stating type of residential buildings with number of proposed dwelling units; types of business or industry so as to reveal the effect of the development on traffic, fire hazards and congestion of population; and
      (2)   Zoning Changes. If any zoning changes are contemplated, the proposed zoning plan for the areas, including dimensions; and
      (3)   Area Plan. Where the subdivider owns property adjacent to that which is being proposed for the subdivision, the subdivider shall comply with the requirements of Section 14-1-40(a)(5) for the remainder of the property so as to show the possible relationships between the proposed subdivision and future subdivision. In any event, all subdivisions must be shown to relate well with existing or potential adjacent subdivisions.
   (g)   Street Plans and Profiles. The subdivider shall provide street plans and profiles showing existing ground surface, and proposed and established street grades, including extensions for a reasonable distance beyond the limits of the proposed subdivision when requested.
   (h)    Soil Testing. Upon the request of the Plan Commission or Village Engineer, the subdivider shall provide a preliminary soils report, listing the types of soil in the proposed subdivision, their effect on the subdivision and a proposed soil testing and investigation program. Pursuant to the public policy concerns prescribed in Section 14-1-21, the Village Engineer may require that borings and soundings be made in specified areas to ascertain subsurface soil, rock and water conditions, including depth to bedrock and depth to ground water table.
   (i)    Referral to Other Agencies and Utilities.
      (1)   Utilities. The subdivider shall also forward a copy to the local electric, gas and telephone utilities. When the subdivider expects the Village to act as the transmitting authority in accordance with Sec. 235.12, Wis. Stats., the application shall state that the transmittal responsibility lies with the Village, shall contain a list of the other authorities to which the plat must be submitted, and shall be accompanied by such additional fees and copies of the plat as are necessary to be transmitted to such authorities.
      (2)    County and State Agencies. The Village Administrator shall, within two (2) days after the filing of the Preliminary Plat, transmit copies to the County Planning Agency, copies to the Director of the Planning Function in the Wisconsin Department of Development, additional copies to the Director of the Planning Function for retransmission of copies to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation if the subdivision abuts or adjoins a state trunk highway or a connecting street and the Wisconsin Department of Industry, Labor and Human Relations if the subdivision is not served by the public sewer and provision for such service has not been made, and an adequate number of copies to the Plan Commission. The County Planning Agency, the Wisconsin Department of Development, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and the Wisconsin Department of Industry, Labor and Human Relations shall be hereinafter referred to as objecting agencies. The Village Administrator shall also transmit a copy of the Preliminary Plat to other affected Village boards, commissions or departments for their review and recommendations concerning matters within their jurisdiction.
      (3)   Action by Outside Agencies. Within fifteen (15) days of the date of receiving the copies of the Preliminary Plat, any state or county agency having authority to object under Subsection (h)(1) above shall notify the subdivider and all approving or objecting authorities of any objection based upon failure of the plat to comply with the statutes or rules which its examination is authorized to cover, or, if all objections have been satisfied, it shall so certify on the face of a copy of the plat and return that copy to the approving authority from which it was received. The plat shall not be approved or deemed approved until any objections have been satisfied. If the objecting agency fails to act within the fifteen (15) day limit, it shall be deemed to have no objection to the plat. The recommendations of Village agencies shall also be transmitted to the Plan Commission within fifteen (15) days from the date the plat is filed.