(a)    Purpose.
      (1)    The Village Board hereby finds that certain issues arise in condominium developments that require limited applicability of this Chapter to condominium developments. The State Legislature has recognized that subdivision ordinances may apply to condominiums but that subdivision ordinances shall not impose burdens upon condominiums that are different from those imposed on other property of a similar character not subject to a declaration of condominium.
      (2)   The factor that makes this Chapter applicable to a condominium development is the creation of multiple, distinct property entities at or near the ground surface, subject to property taxation as separate "parcels," with each property entity having different ownership and management. The Village of Turtle Lake determines that this factor makes a condominium development dissimilar, both physically and in ownership, from developments in which the land and improvements are under unitary ownership, management, and control.
      (3)   Thus, the Village Board hereby finds that new condominium developments can place impacts on community resources in the same manner as other new developments which are characterized by division of land into lots. These impacts include:
         a.   Additional population density.
         b.    Possibility of use of particular land in a manner unsuitable to the land's characteristics.
         c.   Additional demands upon Village area parks, recreation areas, utility facilities and schools.
         d.   Additional traffic and street use.
   (b)    Portions of Chapter Applicable to Condominium Developments. The following Sections of this Chapter shall apply to condominium developments:
      (1)    Section 14-1-21 relating to land suitability and construction practices.
      (2)    Sections 14-1-30 through 14-1-32 relating to preliminary plat approval. This stage of approval shall be the only approval required for a condominium development. The technical requirements for preliminary plats set forth in Section 14-1-40 shall not apply, since condominiums have separate technical standards set forth in Chapter 703, Wis. Stats.
      (3)    Article I relating to fees for review.
      (4)   Article F relating to required improvements.
      (5)    Article G relating to design standards for improvements.
      (6)    Article H relating to dedication requirements.
   (c)   Exceptions. This Section shall not apply to the following condominiums:
      (1)    Any condominium plat recorded prior to the effective date of this Chapter.
      (2)   Any conversion of a structure or structures in existence on the effective date of this Chapter to a condominium after the effective date of this Chapter.