(a)   Suitability. No land shall be subdivided for residential, commercial or industrial use which is held unsuitable for such use by the Village Board, upon the recommendation of the Plan Commission, for reason of flooding, inadequate drainage, adverse soil or rock formation, unfavorable topography or any other feature likely to be harmful to the health, safety, or welfare of the future residents of the proposed subdivision or of the community. The Village Board, in applying the provisions of this Section, shall in writing recite the particular facts upon which it bases its conclusion that the land is not suitable for residential use and afford the subdivider an opportunity to present evidence regarding such unsuitability if he so desires. Thereafter the Village Board, upon the recommendation of the Plan Commission, may affirm, modify, or withdraw its determination of unsuitability.
   (b)   Existing Flora. The subdivider shall make every effort to protect and retain all existing trees, shrubbery, vines, and grasses not actually lying in public roadways, drainageways, building foundation sites, private driveways, soil absorption waste disposal areas, paths, and trails. Such trees are to be protected and preserved during construction in accordance with sound conservation practices, possibly including the preservation of trees by well islands or retaining walls whenever abutting grades are altered, pursuant to a landscaping plan filed by the subdivider.