(a)   Purpose and Definition. In order to protect the parks, parkways, recreational facilities and conservancy areas within the Village of Turtle Lake from injury, damage or desecration, these regulations are enacted. The term "park" as hereinafter used in this Chapter shall include all grounds, structures and watercourses which are or may be located within any area dedicated to the public use as a park, parkway, recreation facility, play ground, swimming pool or conservancy area in the Village.
   (b)    Specific Regulations.
      (1)    Littering Prohibited. No person shall litter, dump or deposit any rubbish, refuse, earth or other material in any park.
      (2)    Sound Devices.  No person shall operate or play any amplifying system unless specific authority is first obtained from the Village Board, or designated committee thereof. The Turtle Lake Intercounty Fair is specifically exempted from this Subsection.
      (3)    Bill Posting.  No person shall post, paste, fasten, paint or attach any placard, bill, notice, sign or advertising matter upon any structure, tree or other natural object in any park, except park regulations and other signs authorized by the Village Board or its Parks and Recreation Committee.
      (4)   Throwing Stones and Missiles Prohibited. No person shall throw stones or other missiles in or into any park.
      (5)   Removal of Park Equipment Prohibited. No person shall remove benches, seats, tables or other park equipment from any park.
      (6)   Trapping. "Trapping" when used in this Section includes the taking, or the attempting to take, of any wild animal by means of setting or operating any device, mechanism or contraption that is designated, built or made to close upon, hold fast or otherwise capture a wild animal or animals; live traps on a person's property are excluded. The trapping of wild animals is hereby prohibited in Village parks.
      (7)   Making of Fires. No person shall start, tend or maintain a fire except in personal grills or designated fireplaces. Personal grills shall be used only in designated picnic areas. The use of personal grills is permitted provided lawns and vegetation are not endangered. Unburned fuel and ashes shall be disposed of in such a manner as to prevent fire or damage to any park property.
      (8)   Protection of Park Property.
         a.   N o person shall kill, injure or disturb or attempt to injure or disturb waterfowl, birds or animals, wild or domestic, within any park, except as permitted by this Chapter. No person shall climb any tree or remove flowers or fruit, wild or cultivated, or break, cut down, trample upon, remove or in any manner injure, deface, write upon or ill use any tree, shrub, flower, flower bed, turf, soil, sand, fountain, ornament, building, structure, apparatus, bench, table, official notice, sign or other property within any park.
         b.    No person shall deface, by throwing stones, pebbles or other debris in any of the toilets, bubblers or other sanitary facilities located in any Village park; or to deface by drawing with crayon, chalk, paint, or anything else on any of the buildings or equipment at any Village park; or to deface the equipment by means of a sharp instrument.
      (9)    Motorized Vehicles. Except for authorized maintenance vehicles, no person shall operate an unlicensed or licensed motorized vehicle outside of areas specifically designated as parking areas or areas where the operation of such vehicles is specifically permitted. Motor vehicles are restricted to the roads and drives and parking areas. No motor vehicles of any nature may be used on the seeded areas except vehicles which have Village Board authorization for shows, rides or exhibits and then only for the purpose of loading and unloading.
      (10)   Snowmobiles. No person shall operate a snowmobile in a Village park except in designated areas. Snowmobiles shall only be operated on designated trails.
      (11)   Speed Limit. No person shall operate any vehicle in a Village park in excess of ten (10) miles per hour unless otherwise posted.
      (12)   Glass Beverage Bottles in Parks Prohibited. No individual shall possess or consume any beverage in a glass bottle or glass container in any Village park.
      (13)   Reckless Driving in Parks Prohibited.  No person shall operate a motor vehicle in a reckless manner in any of the public parks of the Village.
      (14)   Parking in Parks. No person shall park any motor vehicle in any park in the Village except in a designated parking area.
      (15)   Horse and Carriages. No person shall ride a horse or drive a horse-driven vehicle in any park, except on roads or designated bridle paths, except when approval of the Village Board is first obtained. It shall be unlawful for any person to ride a horse or drive a horse-driven vehicle in a careless, negligent or reckless manner which may endanger the safety and well-being of others.  Horseback riding shall be allowed only during the daylight hours. No person shall ride a horse which cannot be held under such control that it may be easily turned or stopped. Horses shall not be left unbridled or unattended.
      (16)   Removing Tree Protectors. No person shall remove any device for the protection of trees or shrubs.
      (17)   Golfing and Sporting Activities. No golfing or practicing golf in Village parks or recreation areas shall be allowed except with the use of a whiffle ball. All sporting activities must be held in areas so designated for that purpose.
      (18)   Arrows. No person shall use or shoot any bow and arrow in any Village park, except in authorized areas.
      (19)   Fees and Charges. The Village Board shall have the authority to establish such fees as deemed necessary for use of any park facility, shelter or land area. It shall be unlawful to use such areas without payment of such fee or charge when required.
      (20)   Pets. Pets, including animals of any species, shall not be permitted to run at large in any Village parks, except for Village-approved events.
      (21)   Firearms; Hunting. Possessing or discharging of any air gun, sling shot, explosive, firearm or weapon of any kind is prohibited in all Village parks.
      (22)   Fish Cleaning. Cleaning of fish in shelters, toilet facilities or picnic areas is prohibited in all Village parks.
      (23)   Controlled Substances.  Possessing, using or dispensing of a controlled substance in violation of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act is prohibited in all Village parks.
      (24)   Vendors Restricted. No person shall sell, vend or give away any article of merchandise whatever, without a written permit from the Village Board.
Cross-Reference: Section 11-4-1.