Traffic and Parking
Article A
General Provisions
   10-1-1   State Traffic Laws Adopted.
   10-1-2   State Administrative Code Provisions Adopted.
   10-1-3   Official Traffic Signs and Control Devices; Prohibited Signs, Signals and Markers.
   10-1-4   Registration Record of Vehicle as Evidence.
   10-1-5   School Bus Warning Lights.
   10-1-6   Blue Warning Lights on Police Vehicles.
   10-1-7   Through 10-1-9 Reserved for Future Use.
Article B
Street Traffic Regulations
   10-1-10   Operators to Obey Traffic Control Devices.
   10-1-11   Speed Limits.
   10-1-12   Through 10-1-19 Reserved for Future Use.
Article C
Parking Regulations
   10-1-20   Restrictions on Parking; Posted Limitations.
   10-1-21   Parking Restrictions During Temporary Snow Removal or Street Maintenance.
   10-1-22   Stopping or Parking Prohibited in Certain Specified Places.
   10-1-23   Parking Reserved for Vehicles of Disabled.
   10-1-24   Leaving Keys in Vehicle Prohibited; Parking Vehicles with Motor Running.
   10-1-25   Unattended Motorized Machinery.
   10-1-26   Angle Parking.
   10-1-27   Winter Parking Regulations.
   10-1-28   Parking of Trucks and Trailers Restricted; Truck Routes.
   10-1-29   Unlawful Removal of Parking Citations.
   10-1-30   Operation of Motor Vehicles in Public Parking Lots.
   10-1-31   Removal of Illegally Parked Vehicles.
   10-1-32   Inoperable, Wrecked or Discarded Vehicles.
   10-1-33   Traffic and Parking Regulations on School District Grounds.
   10-1-34   Through 10-1-39 Reserved for Future Use.
Article D
Miscellaneous Provisions
   10-1-40   Disturbance of the Peace with a Motor Vehicle.
   10-1-41   Pedestrian Regulations.
   10-1-42   Motor Vehicles on Pedestrian Ways and over Passes.
   10-1-43   School Crossing Guards.
   10-1-44   Driving over Curbing or Safety Islands Prohibited.
   10-1-45   Through 10-1-49 Reserved for Future Use.
Article E
Enforcement and Penalties
   10-1-50   Penalties.
   10-1-51   Enforcement.