(a)   Cleanup Required. All persons, firms, or corporations delivering, hauling, disposing, storing, discharging or otherwise handling potentially polluting substances, solid or liquid, such as, but not limited to, the following: fuel oil, gasoline, solvents, industrial liquids or fluids, milk, grease trap and septic tank wastes, sewage sludge, sanitary sewer wastes, storm sewer catch-basin wastes, oil or petroleum wastes, shall immediately clean up any such spilled material to prevent its becoming a hazard to health or safety or directly or indirectly causing pollution to the lakes and streams under the jurisdiction of the Village.
   (b)   Notification. Spills or accidental release of hazardous materials or pollutants at a site or of a quantity or nature that cannot adequately be cleaned up by the responsible party or parties shall be immediately reported to the Village Administrator so that assistance can be given by the proper agency.
   (c)   Financial Liability. The party or parties responsible for the release, escape or discharge of wastes shall be held financially liable for the cost of any cleanup or attempted cleanup deemed necessary or desirable and undertaken by the Village, or its designated agent, in an effort to minimize the pollutional effects of the discharged waste.