Licensing of Dogs and Regulation of Animals
   7-1-1   Dog and Cat Licenses Required; Definitions.
   7-1-2   Rabies Vaccination Required for License.
   7-1-3   Issuance of Dog, Cat and Kennel Licenses.
   7-1-4   Late Fees.
   7-1-5   Rabies Quarantine.
   7-1-6   Restrictions on Keeping of Dogs, Cats, Fowl and Other Animals.
   7-1-7   Impoundment of Animals.
   7-1-8   Duty of Owner in Case of Dog or Cat Bite.
   7-1-9   Animal Feces.
   7-1-10   Injury to Property by Animals.
   7-1-11   Barking Dogs or Crying Cats.
   7-1-12   Prohibited and Protected Animals, Fowl, Reptiles and Insects.
   7-1-13   Sale of Rabbits, Chicks or Artificially Colored Animals.
   7-1-14   Providing Proper Food and Drink to Confined Animals.
   7-1-15   Providing Proper Shelter.
   7-1-16   Neglected or Abandoned Animals.
   7-1-17   Cruelty to Animals and Birds Prohibited.
   7-1-18   Limitation on Number of Dogs and Cats.
   7-1-19   Trapping of Animals.
   7-1-20   Penalties.