(a)   Damage to Public Trees. No person shall, without the consent of the owner in the case of a private tree or shrub, or without written permits from the Village Forester in the case of a terrace-area tree, public tree or shrub, perform or cause to be performed by others any of the following acts:
      (1)   Secure, fasten or run any rope, wire sign, unprotected electrical installation or other device or material to, around or through a tree or shrub.
      (2)   Break, injure, mutilate, deface, kill or destroy any tree or shrub or permit any fire to burn where it will injure any tree or shrub.
      (3)   Permit any toxic chemical, gas, smoke, oil or other injurious substance to seep, drain or be emptied upon or about any tree or shrub or place cement or other solid substance around the base of the same.
      (4)   Remove any guard, stake or other device or material intended for the protection of a public tree or shrub, or close or obstruct any open space about the base of a public tree or shrub designed to permit access of air, water and fertilizer.
      (5)   Attach any sign, poster, notice or other object on any tree, or fasten any guy wire, cable, rope, nails, screws or other device to any tree; except that the Village may tie temporary signs to trees when necessary in conjunction with street improvement work, tree maintenance work or parades.
      (6)   Cause or encourage any fire or burning near or around any tree.
   (b)   Excavations. All trees on any parkway or other publicly owned property near any excavation or construction of any building structure or street work shall be sufficiently guarded and protected by those responsible for such work as to prevent any injury to said trees. No person shall excavate any ditches, tunnels or trenches, or install pavement within a radius of ten (10) feet from any public tree without a permit from the Village Forester.
   (c)   Interference With Forester. No person shall:
      (1)   Interfere with or prevent any acts of the Forester or his agents or employees while they are engaged in the performance of duties imposed by this Section.
      (2)   Refuse to permit the Forester or his duly authorized representative to enter upon his premises at reasonable times to exercise the duties imposed by this Section.
   (d)   Refusal to Abate Nuisance.  Permits any public nuisance to remain on any premises owned or controlled by him when ordered by the Forester to abate such nuisance.