(a)   Trees and shrubs standing in or upon any boulevard, public area or upon any private premises adjacent to any public right-of-way or public areas shall be kept trimmed so that the lowest branches projecting over the public street or alley provide a clearance of not less than fourteen (14) feet.  The Village Forester may waive the provisions of this Section for newly planted trees if he determines that they do not interfere with public travel, obstruct the light of any street light or endanger public safety.
   (b)   The necessity of the pruning may be determined by the Village Forester.
   (c)   Clearance from sidewalk to lower branches shall not be less than seven (7) feet. All trees standing upon private property in the Village, the branches of which extend over the line of the street, shall be trimmed so that no branch shall grow or hang over the line of the sidewalk lower than seven (7) feet above the level of the sidewalk. No tree shall be permitted to grow in such a manner as to obstruct the proper diffusion of light from any public lamp.
   (d)   Trimming or pruning of more than two-thirds (2/3) of the crown shall be considered to be a major alteration and shall require authorization from the Village Forester.