(a)   Purpose. The Village Board hereby states its determination that the planting, care and protection of the trees within the Village is desirable for the purposes of beauty, shade, comfort, noise abatement and economic betterment, and hereby encourages all persons to assist in a program of tree planting, care and protection.
   (b)    Tree Planting Program. The Village Forester shall recommend to the Village Board a program for tree planting, care and protection for public parks. The Board shall also encourage the planting, care and protection of trees and shrubs on private premises within the Village.
   (c)   Cottonwood and Box Elder Trees Prohibited. No person shall plant within the Village of Turtle Lake any female tree of the species Populus Deltoides, commonly called the "Cottonwood," or any tree commonly called the seed-bearing Box Elder Acer Negundo, which may now or hereafter become infested with Box Elder Bugs, and such trees are hereby declared a nuisance. Any person planting any such trees on his premises shall cause the same to be removed. If any owner shall fail to remove any such tree within thirty (30) days after receiving written notice from the Village Forester, the Village shall cause the removal of such tree and report the full cost thereof to the Village Administrator who shall place such charge upon the next tax roll as a special charge against the premises.
   (d)   Planting of Certain Trees Restricted. No person shall hereafter plant any Catalpa, Chinese Elm, White Poplar, Weeping Willow, Evergreen, Lombardy Poplar or any fruit or nut tree in or upon any public street, parkway, terrace or other public place within the Village of Turtle Lake unless he shall first secure written permission from the Village Forester, who shall not approve any such planting if, in his opinion, said tree will constitute a nuisance to the public or adjoining property owners or interfere with the safety of the public or the operation of any sewer or water system. The Village Forester shall cause the removal of any tree planted in violation of this Subsection.
   (e)    Planting.
      (1)   a.  All new street trees must be selected from a list of approved trees compiled by the Village Forester. No other species may be planted without the written approval of the Village Forester. New trees must be single stemmed with a minimum diameter of one and one-quarter (1-1/4) inches measured at six (6) inches above ground level.
         b.    The tree shall be planted in a well prepared hole at the same depth as it was originally growing. All trees less than twelve (12) feet high shall be staked. All trees twelve (12) feet or more in height shall be supported by guy wires in such a way as not to injure the bark. The support shall be removed after a year.
         c.   The tree shall be kept well watered and mulched or cultivated in a two (2) foot diameter around its base to conserve moisture and as a protection from lawn mower damage.
         d.    The good health of all trees planted hereunder shall be guaranteed for one (1) year by the applicant, after which time such trees shall become the property of the Village.
      (2)   Where required, curbs and sidewalks must be installed prior to street tree planting.  Distance between the face of the curb and the outer edge of the sidewalk must be at least five (5) feet. Trees must be planted half way between the sidewalk and curb unless underground utilities prevent such planting. No tree shall be planted closer than two (2) feet from the curb.
      (3)   Trees may not be planted in the terrace closer than:
         a.   Twenty (20) feet to a utility or street lighting pole.
         b.   Fifteen (15) feet to a driveway or alley.
         c.   Six (6) feet to a fire hydrant, water stop box or gas shut-off. If possible, allow more distance than six (6) feet.
         d.    Twenty-five (25) feet to the intersection of two (2) streets from either corner measured on the property line.
         e.    Twenty-five (25) feet to another tree. If the other tree is an elm or other species which is damaged, injured or diseased and likely to be removed in the future, then a thirty-five (35) foot distance to the next nearest healthy tree will prevail.
      (4)   New street trees shall not be planted over an existing tree stump within two (2) years of removal unless the stump is removed to a depth of four (4) feet.
      (5)   The property owner has the responsibility to locate underground utilities before digging.
      (6)   Evergreen trees shall not be planted in a terrace area.
   (f)    Unlawfully Planted Trees. Trees, plants or shrubs planted within any terrace or planting easement without the authorization and approval of the Forester may be removed. The Forester shall notify the abutting owner in writing, listing the unlawfully planted trees, plants or shrubs, ordering their removal, and establishing a reasonable time within which such removal shall be accomplished. In the event that removal is not to be accomplished within the time specified, the Village may remove such trees, plants or shrubs and assess the costs thereof to the owner.
   (g)   Frames. Any person, adjacent to whose land any shade or ornamental tree or shrub is growing in any street, may, for the propose of protecting such tree or shrub, surround the same with a suitable box or frame for protection, but all such work shall be performed under the supervision and direction of the Village Forester.