Whenever the following words or terms are used in this Chapter, they shall be construed to have the following meanings:
   (a)    Person. "Person" shall mean person, firm, association or corporation.
   (b)    Public Areas.  "Public Areas" includes all public parks and other lands owned, controlled or leased by the Village except the terrace areas.
   (c)    Public Trees and Shrubs.  "Public Trees and Shrubs" means all trees and shrubs located or to be planted in or upon public areas.
   (d)    Public Nuisance. "Public Nuisance” means any tree or shrub or part thereof which, by reason of its condition, interferes with the use of any public area; infected with a plant disease; infested with injurious insects or pests; injurious to public improvements or endangers the life, health, safety or welfare of persons or property.
   (e)   Boulevard or Terrace Areas. “Boulevard or Terrace Areas” means the land between the normal location of the street curbing and sidewalk. Where there is no sidewalk, the area four feet from the curb line shall be deemed to be a boulevard for the purpose of this Chapter. “Boulevard”  shall have the same meaning as “terrace.”  Where there are only sidewalks, the area four (4) feet from the curb shall be deemed boulevard areas under this Chapter.
   (f)    Major Alteration.  Trimming a tree beyond necessary trimming to comply with this Chapter.
   (g)   Shrubs. “Shrubs”  shall mean any woody vegetation or a woody plant having multiple stems and bearing foliage from the ground up.
   (h)   Tree. “Tree”  shall mean any woody plant, normally having one stem or trunk bearing its foliage or crown well above ground level to heights of sixteen feet or more.
   (i)    Evergreen Tree. “Evergreen Tree” shall mean any woody plant normally having one stem or trunk and bearing foliage in the form of needles and crowns which extend from ground level throughout its entire height.
   (j)   Forester.  Person designated by the Village Board as authorized to carry out provisions of this Chapter.