Trees and Shrubs
   6-4-1   Statement of Policy and Applicability of Chapter
   6-4-2   Definitions.
   6-4-3   Authority of Village Forester to Enter Private Premises.
   6-4-4   Interference with the Village Forester Prohibited.
   6-4-5   Abatement of Tree Disease Nuisances.
   6-4-6   Assessment of Costs of Abatement.
   6-4-7   Planting of Trees and Shrubs.
   6-4-8   Trimming.
   6-4-9   Trees and Shrubbery Obstructing View at Intersection or View of Traffic Signs.
   6-4-10   Prohibited Acts.
   6-4-11   Appeal from Determinations or Orders.
   6-4-12   Adoption of State Statutes.