(a)   Purpose. For the safety of the general public, the Village shall determine the location, size, construction and number of access points to public roadways within the Village limits. It is the Village's intent to provide safe access to properties abutting public roadways suitable for the property to be developed to its highest and best use, provided that access is not deficient or dangerous to the general public.
   (b)   Permit Required to Construct, Reconstruct, Alter or Enlarge. No person, firm or corporation shall construct, reconstruct, alter or enlarge any private driveway within the limits of the dedicated portion of any public street under the control and jurisdiction of the Village of Turtle Lake without first obtaining a sidewalk permit therefor as provided by this Chapter. A sidewalk permit is not required when a new sidewalk is to be constructed in conjunction with the construction of a new principal structure; the sidewalk is included in the building permit process in such cases.
   (c)   Application. Application for such permit shall be made to the Village Administrator on a form provided by the Village and shall be accompanied by a drawing accurately depicting the portion of the proposed private driveway to be constructed, reconstructed, altered or enlarged lying within the dedicated portion of the public street, the dimensions thereof and a statement of the materials proposed to be used. There is no fee for a driveway permit. Upon receipt of the application and the fee if required, unless the proposed private driveway is a part of construction for a building or other structure for which a building permit has been applied for, in which case no additional fee is required, the Village Administrator shall approve such application if the proposed driveway complies with the terms and conditions of this and any other applicable Village ordinance.
   (d)   Application Provisions. All driveway permit applications shall contain the applicant's statement that:
      (1)   The applicant represents all parties in interest, and that such proposed driveway is for the bona fide purpose of securing access to his property and not for the purpose of parking or servicing vehicles, advertising, storage or merchandising of goods within the dedicated portion of the Village street, or for any other purpose.
      (2)   The Village, notwithstanding the construction of such driveway, reserves the right to make any changes, additions, repairs or relocations within the dedicated portion of the Village street at any time, including relocation, reconstruction, widening and maintaining the street without compensating the owner of such private driveway for the damage or destruction of such private roadway.
      (3)   The permittee, his successors or assigns, agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Village of Turtle Lake, its officials, officers, agents or employees, against any claim or any cause of action for personal injury or property damage sustained by reason of the exercise of such permit.
      (4)   The Village does not assume any responsibility for the removal or clearance of snow, ice or sleet or the opening of any windrows of such material upon such portion of such driveway within the dedicated portion of the Village street.