(a)   Time of Hearing. The Village shall provide the appellant a hearing on an appeal under Section 4-1-9 within fifteen (15) days of receipt of the notice of appeal and shall serve the appellant with notice of such hearing by mail or personal service at least 10 days before such hearing. The office or person with whom a notice of appeal is filed shall immediately notify the Village Attorney, who shall forthwith advise the Village President of such appeal.
   (b)   Conduct of Hearing. At the hearing the appellant and the municipal authority may be represented by counsel and may present evidence and call and examine witnesses and cross-examine witnesses of the other party. Such witnesses shall be sworn by the person conducting the hearing. The Village President shall appoint, without confirmation, an impartial decision maker who may be an officer, committee, board or commission of the Village or the Village Board who did not participate in making or reviewing the initial determination, who shall make the decision on administrative appeal.  The decision maker may issue subpoenas. The hearing may, however, be conducted by an impartial person, committee, board or commission designated by the Village President to conduct the hearing and report to the decision maker.
   (c)   Record of Hearing. The person conducting the hearing or a person employed for that purpose shall take notes of the testimony and shall mark and preserve all exhibits. The person conducting the hearing may, and upon request of the appellant, shall, cause the proceedings to be taken by a stenographer or by a recording device, the expense thereof to be paid by the Village.
   (d)   Hearing on Initial Determination. Where substantial existing rights are affected by an initial determination, the municipal authority making such determination shall, when practicable, give any person directly affected an opportunity to be heard in accordance with this Section before making such determination.
State Law Reference: Sec. 68.11, Wis. Stats.