(a)   Initial Determination. If a request for review is made under Section 4-1-7, the determination to be reviewed shall be termed an initial determination.
   (b)   Who Shall Make Review.  A review under this section may be made by the officer, employee, agent, agency, committee, board, commission or body who made the initial determination. However, an independent review of such determination by another person, committee or agency of the Village, appointed by the Village President without confirmation, shall be provided if practicable.
   (c)   When to Make Review. The municipal authority shall review the initial determination within fifteen (15) days of receipt of a request for review. The time for review may be extended by agreement with the person allegedly aggrieved.
   (d)    Right to Present Evidence and Argument. The person aggrieved may file with his request for review, or within the time agreed with the municipal authority, written evidence and argument in support of his position with respect to the initial determination.
   (e)    Decisions on Review. The municipal authority may affirm, reverse or modify the initial determination and shall mail or deliver to the person aggrieved a copy of the municipal authority's decision on review which shall state the reasons for such decision. The decision shall advise the person aggrieved of his right to appeal the decision, that appeal may be taken within thirty (30) days, and the office or person with whom notice of appeal shall be filed.
State Law Reference: Sec. 68.09, Wis. Stats.