(a)   Tax Imposed. Pursuant to Sec. 66.75, Wis. Stats., a tax is hereby imposed on the privilege and service of furnishing, at retail, of rooms or lodging to transients by hotel keepers, motel operators and other persons furnishing accommodations that are available to the public, irrespective of whether membership is required for the use of the accommodations. Such tax shall be at the rate of four percent (4%) of the gross receipts from such retail furnishing of rooms or lodgings. Such tax shall not be subject to the selective sales tax imposed by Sec. 77.52(2)(a)1, Wis. Stats.
   (b)   Utilization of Room Taxes Collected.  The Village Board, in adopting and establishing this specific form of taxation, recognizes the positive economic impact of the tourism industry on the entire community and Its general welfare and does state as its policy commitment that a sum equal to fifty percent (50%) of the room tax collected shall be utilized directly for the promotion of tourism and economic development in this locality.